Posted by: Susan | December 22, 2012

Around here…

I started this post on Thursday but got side tracked. Is anyone else running behind in their preparations for Christmas?

There has been a lot of dancing going on around here.  Last Friday night April and Jake headed out with Ali to the Winter Dance.IMG_5454

A little bling in her hair and…IMG_5456a whole lot of personality!IMG_5457

Wednesday night found us at ballroom dance class for the annual  Christmas party.  There was a whole lot of ‘dancin’ going on under the mirrored ball.IMG_5550IMG_5554My new favorite dance is called the Wobble.  There are no pictures because I was too busy dancing.  Here is an instructional video of the Wobble for you so you can teach it to everyone you know.  You better learn it if your going to any weddings in the coming months because I bet they’re going to include the Wobble at the reception.

IMG_5559Rose, Sam’s former teacher, came to dance with us.  Don’t April and Rose rock the silver and gold look?  Santa was there and gave everyone 2 movie passes and sugar-free gum.  I consider that the perfect Christmas present.  We will now be going to the movies during Christmas break.

Brennan gave Sam a present.  He had presented her with the black hat with the pink band last week.  They made plans to go out over the break and are thinking Red Robin where they can get gluten-free fries and a burger with a gluten-free bun.  She has Celiac disease too.IMG_5551Lots of fun and then we were off to church where Sam helped with a party and April and Sam went to choir practice.

Will you get to dance during the holidays? I hope so.

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