Posted by: Susan | December 24, 2012

A new tradition

Saturday night  the Hunk and April spent an hour after dinner writing Christmas cards.  They were in the dining room and I was in the kitchen.  The conversations back and forth went like this, “Does she spell her name Theresa or Teresa?”  “Do you have any stickers?”  “Do you have more stickers?”  April was giggling like mad and running back and forth to show me something funny that the Hunk had written or drawn inside the card.  Jim does not just sign his name to a card!  April was the co-signer of all the cards.IMG_5570IMG_5571The cards were finished and packed up to send.  These cards were for our friends at church and would be hand delivered by April, the Hunk and myself.  It was so much fun on Sunday looking for the recipient and handing them the card.  I literally had to run to catch up with one person and give him his card before he disappeared into another area of the church.  We now have a new tradition at our house.  Every year, the Saturday before Christmas, the Hunk and April will be writing on, and drawing on and placing stickers on cards  to be hand delivered the next day.  Mental note…buy more stickers.

Tonight Sam gets to light the Advent wreath at church and April and Jake will be singing in the choir.  This is the perfect way to start Christmas.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours.

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