Posted by: Susan | December 31, 2012


I’ve taking a blogging break for a week.  Having 9 people in the same house for 5 days tends to create a lot of work.  Work that I love, taking care of a large family,  work I had to get used to again.  When you have your first child you can’t believe that you can handle any more and then you have the next one and some how you manage.  As each child is added you adapt.  Leap ahead to when they start leaving and suddenly you go from 6 to only 3 and you adapt again.  I kind of lost my big family mojo.  Preparing a meal for 12, my darling 11 month grand-daughter didn’t figure into the count, I was out of synch.  I adjusted by doing less and asking for more help.

This week I will post moments from the past week.  Because I was busy my camera wasn’t always in my hand.  I managed to catch a few moments but I did forget to take some important pictures like…..all the grand-kids and our kids together in a group.  In the chaos of presents and meals and playing that just didn’t happen.IMG_5589One of my favorite moments was right before everyone went downstairs on Christmas morning.  Our tradition is that Mom must take a picture of everyone on the steps before presents are opened.  One of my older boys said, “How old do we have to be before we can stop being in this picture?” I replied, “You will never be too old to be the picture!”

I’m off to make New Year’s resolutions breakfast.


  1. Susan-
    Sounds like you’ve had a busy week with lots of excitement. Have a happy new year with your family and I’ll see you on the other side! xo Teri

  2. Happy New Year – May 2013 bring many moments of happiness, all caught on camera!

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