Posted by: Susan | January 1, 2013

Welcoming in 2013

I welcomed in 2013 with my head on the pillow and the sound of fireworks going off outside my window.  We celebrated early with a special dinner and movie night with April, Jake and Sam.  Who knew that Madagascar 3, Europe’s Most Wanted would be so funny.  I have been up for several hours enjoying the silence in my house and reflecting on what I want to accomplish in 2013.

For the rest of the week, and maybe next week too, I will share the special moments that have been happening since my 3 have been home on winter break.  Last week I took them out to Skyline Chili to grab lunch.  While we were waiting 2 teens came in and as they walked by Jake insisted that he knew them.  Since he sometimes talks to complete strangers I told him he couldn’t go talk to them.  Imagine my surprise when they stopped by our table to talk to Sam and Jake.IMG_5659Sam and this great guy are in weight training class together.  Of course Jake and Sam had to show off their muscles.IMG_5660Can you tell that these guys are on the football team?IMG_5661Jake insisted that I take his picture too.  He loves to have his picture taken but rarely looks at the camera!

See what I mean about a special moment?  Anytime people who know my guys come over and talk to them when we are out in our community is golden.  I would love to hear about your special moment/s from the last week.

Happy New Year

New Year Resolution: Teach us (me) to number our (my) day aright, that we (I) may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12



  1. Happy, happy New Year 2013! This is going to be the Very Best Year ever for us all!!! And what’s wrong with talking to complete strangers??? xoxo

    • Actually that’s how I met Jim!

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