Posted by: Susan | January 2, 2013

Sometimes ‘lovely’ takes a lot of work!

I love this picture of our house with lights sparkling and snow coating everything.  One of my older kids took a picture with their phone and posted it on Facebook.  snow houseAnd like most things that look beautiful it takes work for the upkeep.  Enter the Hunk and his Helper!IMG_5668IMG_5670This wiry 5’1″ inch dynamo is all about helping his dad.  Rake leaves, shovel snow, haul stuff, wash cars……….he’s all over it.IMG_5671I am about to go wake up my sleeping teenager and after breakfast give him  his chores for the day.  Fun things like changing his sheets and washing those same sheets along with his clothes.  I won’t be met with much enthusiasm but I have a secret weapon.  If he wants to go shopping today with his dad he has to get his chores done first.  Lovely takes a lot of work and a little motivation.

Disclaimer:  That is not our house pictured above.  I couldn’t find the  picture of our house so I substituted a house I would love to live in.

Is it just me or does every day seem like Saturday this week?


  1. Thank you, thank you for saying it wasn’t your house! I kept looking at the pic and thinking I was losing it, It just makes my heart sing to see people other than me shoveling snow! Have a fabulous new year!

  2. very funny that you showed another house. i love a little “bribery” when it comes to getting kids to do chores. nothing wrong with that! xo Teri

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