Posted by: Susan | January 3, 2013

Favorite pictures from Christmas

I was going to write a big fat post about Christmas but decided a few pictures are worth more than my thousands of words.Ava and Lindsey

Grand daughter Ava on Christmas Eve with her mom Lindsey.  You can see Sam over her right shoulder and our older son Derek between them.  Having Ava with us for the Christmas Eve service was amazing especially as she tried to grab the candles we all lit before we sang Silent Night.
IMG_5595The man behind the mask is Sam.  He has an ever-growing collection of masks.  Notice my classy present wrapping in a Trader Joe’s bag.  That was all part of do less and enjoy my family more theme I was working on during Christmas.  Instead of making a whole turkey I made pork roast and had turkey legs for the kids.  No one complained so now I have a new Christmas menu.IMG_5645I love the concentration of big brother Dan while he was playing  a game with JakeIMG_5615April wore her gift of a Baltimore Ravens blanket even when she played Just Dance 4 Wii with her brothers!IMG_5654And Ava loved it when Uncle Derek showed her the bubble lights on the tree.

Warm memories to savor for the rest of the year…


  1. Wonderful photos!! Sounds like you had a very blessed time!

    • We did. Happy New Year Vicky.

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