Posted by: Susan | January 4, 2013

This and That

I found this incredible article on the blog Mom it Forward : Character Education, 5 Attributes to Teach Your Kids.  Yes, these attributes are taught and caught.  We need to match up what we say with what we do.  It is especially important to make sure our kids with Down syndrome are learning and picking up on these character attributes.  I liked it so much I forwarded it to the Hunk!

I took Jake and Sam on a trip New Year’s Day.  The weather had turned warm, 33 degrees and no wind, and the sky was gray.  The snow still covered the ground and everything took on an ethereal look.IMG_5678It was a great day to run and explore.  Here the boys are watching a swan, oblivious to the gorgeous building in the background.  Sam ventured through ice, mud and a little snow down to the water’s edge.  I almost landed on my back-side when I tried to get closer to take a picture.IMG_5680IMG_5682We weren’t alone in this beautiful area.  There were other families, joggers and lots of bird watchers.IMG_5686While Sam was busy running….IMG_5685Jake was hanging with the Hunk and taking pictures on his iPod.  He has now organized those pictures into albums.  It is amazing what he can do with that iPod.IMG_5684If you have cabin fever, and live in the Cincinnati area, head over to Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum to let your children jog, run, bird watch or just stretch their legs.  No dogs allowed so leave Fido at home.  Be sure to get a map at the customer service building.  There are over 45 miles of roads and it is easy to get turned around as you drive over hill and dale.

Don’t forget to check out moms with apps for some free or reduced downloads(good only on Friday).

We have a big day ahead of us….Art Museum with a friend, Sam has a date tonight, basketball practice and more.  Have a fabulous week-end!

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