Posted by: Susan | January 7, 2013

My exciting life: Welcoming a policeman into my home.

Saturday is chore day at our house.  People are grumpy on chore day and would much rather listen to music or play the Wii.  After listening to Jake give me attitude I decided it was a great morning for the 2 of us to take down the outside Christmas decorations and was met with …..resistance.  We finally made it outside, it was a toasty 30 degrees, and started removing the decorations.  Jake took down everything he could reach and so his next assignment was to walk the dog to the park only as far as the swing sets.  I worked for another half hour and then decided I should go and check on Jake and our fat dachshund Max.  I let April know where I was going and put her in charge of Sam.April: My at home, in charge person!

Imagine my surprise when Jake was nowhere to be seen in the park.  I did a quick trip to the rec center and he hadn’t been there either.  Back to the park I went and looked around some more and then called home to see if he had come back.  He had been gone 45 minutes and I was becoming concerned deciding that when I got home I would get in the car and do a sweep of the entire neighborhood.  How far could Jake and the dog get?  As I walked up to the house April opened the door to ask me if I had found Jake and when I informed her not yet she told me not to worry because she had called the police…………!  “You did what?”  I asked.  “Yes Mom, I called to report a missing child, gave them a description and they are out looking for him now.”  Now I was looking for Jake and getting ready to handle the police cars that would be arriving at my house soon.  I stuck my head out the door and there were no police cars in sight by I saw Jake and chubs sauntering down the street.  Jake informed my he had taken a short-cut home which was really a long-cut, if there is such a word, that put him out of my sight when I was looking for him.  I called the police to inform them we had found the “lost child” and was told an officer would be arriving soon.IMG_3610

I assembled April, Jake and Sam at the door to meet the police when they arrived.  Jake was afraid they would take him away and although that sounded like a great option I assured him they were concerned because April had reported him missing.  April kept insisting she did the right thing and I kept explaining how she needed to check with me before she called in reinforcements.  I wish you could have seen the look on the policeman’s face when he was greeted by my kids.  I introduced him to the 2 involved, explained the situation and let April and Jake go into the details.  April said she had watched the Safe Side video one too many times and that is why she called.  Meanwhile Sam disappeared and when he came back he said to the officer, “I’m Sam.  Can I have your autograph?”  The officer graciously signed the back of an envelope, explained to Jake how he should always stay where I can find him, told the kids he would watch for them around Blue Ash and then got in his cruiser and drove away.  I so wanted to take pictures of the kids with the police officer but thought it wouldn’t be “appropriate”.IMG_5450

What fun things did you do on Saturday morning?


  1. OMG! Susan! That is so funny and sweet and I Iove how you tell the story.
    I had no incidents with the law over the weekend. Boring. xo Teri

  2. And how fast did he drive as he left? Did the deer-in-the-headlights look ever leave his face??? You have SUCH an exciting life…sigh.

  3. Ha! What a memorable day! 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness!! I bet that police officer had quite a story to tell back at the station! The only thing we did on Saturday was sleep in! 🙂

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