Posted by: Susan | January 15, 2013

Whole lotta dating going on!


It’s inevitable with a teenager and 2 young adults that dating will happen.  It doesn’t matter that April, Jake and Sam have Down syndrome.  They have the same feelings as other people their age.  The only difference is when they want to date we have to figure out a few things, like transportation and finances.  Wait, so does everyone else!IMG_5733First 2 decisions Sam had to make were; where to go and what to wear.  Brennan and Sam chose Red Robin(cue the commercial jingle in your head).  They both have Celiac disease and at Red Robin you can get gluten-free fries and buns.  Next Sam picked out a suit to wear but I persuaded him to dress down for RR.  We met Brennan and her mom at the restaurant and Sam and Brennan sat in their own booth.  We could see them but had no idea what they were talking about.IMG_5734Their server Tony was great.  Ordering GF food can be tricky because not only do you have to avoid wheat but also avoid having your food cooked on a grill that has been used to cook wheat.  After Bren and Sam ordered Tony checked with us to make sure he had gotten the order right.IMG_5736IMG_5737Fast forward one week and we have Blondie getting ready for a date.IMG_5861The great thing about this date was I didn’t arrange a thing.  Mike asked April out and his mom took care of all the details.  He picked her up (they had a driver/friend) and they went to dinner, out for ice cream and then to bowling.  When they got home everyone came in and watched the rest of the Baltimore Ravens football game with us.  Mike, the Hunk and Sam were cheering hard for the Broncos to win but the Ravens pulled it off at the last possible moment.  Let’s just say it got a little loud at our house.  I think it was a perfect way to end the date………hanging with the family.IMG_5862


  1. hi Susan! I love hearing about the dates. Your kids have good taste as both the dates are adorable, and of course anybody is lucky to be around April and Sam for sure! xo Teri

    • You are so sweet. I think my 2 are kinda cute:)

  2. What fun!! I loved this bog and looking at the photos!!

    • Thanks Vicky!

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