Posted by: Susan | January 16, 2013

Right now

Right now I’m:

Rooting through the trash looking for a lost check.  It’s amazing how many coffee grounds and banana peels can be in one trash can!

Looking at my pictures in Picasa from the ISpace competition that my boys watched.IMG_5799Sam likes anything to do with robotics.IMG_5804Hats were a big things at this Lego Robotics fest.IMG_5817Notice that even some of the referees have on hats……….say what?  Yep, they had refs keeping track of the competition.IMG_5846Competition took place on the tabletops.  So cool that they projected it on the big screen so everyone could watch it.  Not quite like the JUMBOTRON at a football game but close.IMG_5848Not only were there cool hats but also cool names.  If they had a team for women of a certain age I would name my team the Post-Men, which some would think meant we delivered the mail, but which really stands for Post-Menopausal.  Yeah, I’m that old and still raising kids.IMG_5856Jake was rocking the shorts with a beard look on Saturday.  Temperatures were in the 60’s and I had to take shorts out of storage.  I can’t tell if he is doing an Elvis impersonation or a half-smile with that curled lip.  What do you think?

Right now I am going to get back to rooting in the trash.  After that I will plan what I will do for the rest of the day with all 3 of my kids home after 11:20AM.  The joys of a half day of school.  Hmmmmmmmmmm….dumpster diving anyone?

Note to self:  It’s not cool to use the word ‘cool’ so many time in a post.

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