Posted by: Susan | January 19, 2013

Ice is Nice

We are day 2 of a 4 day weekend where April, Jacob and Sam are home 24/7.  Forget that the guys had two weeks off for winter vacation and this week Sam has only been in school until 11:00a.m. for most of the week.  That’s what happens here when you have high school semester exams.  I was determined to get everyone out and moving before the cold weather blows in on Sunday.  I had just the thing for all of us to do.  We headed to Hamilton, OH for the Ice Fest.IMG_5973I told you we were having warm weather here.IMG_5974IMG_5975I could only get Jake to wear the Lady Liberty hat.  The ice sculptors in the sun were starting to melt since they had been out since yesterday.IMG_5908IMG_5934Can you guess the theme of this year’s Ice Fest? Here are some more hints.IMG_5918IMG_5931If you guessed ‘landmarks from around the world’ pat yourself on the back.IMG_5936Sam got a little distracted when he saw this awesome guitar in the window.  Sorry buddy, we are not buying this today.  Just down from this store was an ice throne and who among us doesn’t want their picture taken on an ice throne?IMG_5942IMG_5946Jake even had one loyal subject.  When Jake slid out of the throne (literally) part of the left arm rest slid with him.  I muttered under my breath, “Keep walking.”  We all know how unstable these ice sculptors can be.  Have you seen enough ice sculptors yet?  I thought not.IMG_5950This ice sculptor was and exact replica of the building behind it.  Music was playing from the building and if there is music you are going to find Sam dancing.IMG_5969He was having so much fun that Jake had to join in.  IMG_5971This was my favorite picture of the day.IMG_5964Sam recognized Big Ben from a mystery he read to me this summer.  I love it when we are able to make connections like that.  I would love it even more if I could take everyone to London!IMG_5922This picture is for the Hunk who does so love his Marine Corps.

Two more days to fill up but I’m not worried.  Sunday we will attend a send off party for an athlete who is competing in South Korea at the Special Olympics Winter Games.  Monday will find April donating blood and then I would like my three to watch the Inauguration.  Let’s see, blood donation 10:30a.m., inauguration 11:30a.m., so that should leave plenty of time to run down to the National Underground Freedom Center for free admission day.  Or maybe I will just take a nap.

I hope you are enjoying your long weekend as much as I am…………….OK, one more picture.IMG_5938



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