Posted by: Susan | January 21, 2013

We know an Olympian!

Yesterday April, Jake and Sam went to a send-off party of an Olympic Star!team USAPrior to the party we all helped prepare a send-off card and then covered the envelope with USA symbols.  Going to the Winter Games is a BIG DEAL!IMG_5977The house was packed with Robbie’s friends and their parents.  I noticed that after the usual meet and greet Robbie and all his friends disappeared.  They did not want to hang with the parents but instead all migrated downstairs for their own party.  Since the Special Olympics World Games are in Korea this year the party food reflected that country’s cuisine.  Sam would not even try the handmade sushi but drank 3 sodas instead.  I found this out after the fact and he did seem to have a lot of extra energy last night.

How would you like to get your children involved in the World Games?  When I checked out the website I read that you can download a picture of the mascots, take a picture in your hometown with the picture and upload it back into the site.  Details here.RAThere are 3 of these cute mascots to choose from and that’s what we’ll be doing today.

Before the party I got out my trusty globe to show the kids where South Korea is located.  While they realized it was far away they still didn’t have a clue about the country.  I had a light bulb moment and then told them that’s where the man who has the song, YouTube video, iTunes download Gangnam Style is from!  Oh yes, now they now where Korea is and they are hoping Robbie will run into PSY.psy

All too soon we had to leave but needed just one more picture of the man of the hour.  Notice what a great job the Hunk did holding up the poster.  IMG_5979We will be watching the news and checking the website of Special Olympics frequently during the Games to see how TEAM USA is doing.  Join us as we chant….USA, USA, USA.

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