Posted by: Susan | January 23, 2013

Rewarding Sam

Sam worked very hard last week studying and taking his final exams for the semester.  In his regular Science class he had 48 facts to know.  The test had been modified but it was still a lot to learn.  He got 41 out of 48 correct answers giving him a solid B on the test.  Because of technology I knew his test score before he arrived home from school.  I wanted to reward him for all his effort and make the reward something that would be meaningful to Sam!IMG_5882His reward was that he got to make, bake, eat and share chocolate chip cookies (gluten-free of course).  He loves using power tools and I do consider our hand mixer a power tool, especially when you crank it up to high.IMG_5885I love the look of determination on his face as he mixes the cookies.  His reward was enjoyed by all and lasted several days.  How do you reward your kids with a job well done?

I found this great article about setting restrictions on all  devices that begin with ‘i’: How to make iPod Touch safe for kids.  I thought I had set all the restrictions that I needed to but after reading the post I added some more.

I picked up some more tips at, 100 Ways to be Kind to your Child.

Jake and Sam watched a short video yesterday from Scholastic Press, Martin’s Big WordsThe Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, JR.  We got a copy of the DVD out of the library and I highly recommend it.

Have a fabulous Wednesday.  I am off to observe Sam in his one on one reading class.

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