Posted by: Susan | January 24, 2013

Baby it’s cold outside.

I have a confession to make.  When the temperature is below 30° I want to hibernate and since that isn’t possible I find someplace to take the kids that is inside a heated building.  Several weeks ago, when the temperature went south of 30°, I headed to Eden Park with our friend Rose, Jake and Sam.IMG_5697Here Rose and Jake are showing us the Miro mural and notice Jake has his jacket off.  So nice and toasty inside the Cincinnati Art Museum.  I love the Art Museum because it is large and involves steps (exercise).   It also has several hands on exhibits and of course fabulous art work that my guys never get tired of seeing.  We meander through the museum and I let Jake and Sam lead the discussion.  If they are interested in something they will remember it.  If I am interested in teaching them something that they don’t care about all they hear is blah, blah, blah!IMG_5699Is a car a piece of art?  It is if it is this little green number.

IMG_5703I am sure Sam was telling me something fascinating when I took this picture.  I can’t remember what he was saying because I was daydreaming about driving the car down to Key West.IMG_5701Here is Sam doing his best ‘pondering pose’.  The boy was meant to be a model.IMG_5704Is a woman’s hat art?  It is if it is part of the hands on exhibit, Behind the Seams: Exhibiting and Conserving Fashion and Textiles.

IMG_5705There is nothing like racing Sam up the staircase to the second floor to get your heart rate up.  At the top of the stairs are Tiffany windows and Jake insisted that I take his picture because April would want to post it on her Facebook page.  She didn’t.IMG_5707

We usually spend about an hour at the museum learning as we go and of course taking pictures.  Every shot seems to scream ART!IMG_5712IMG_5721Even the crazy shots have beautiful artwork in the background.IMG_5724As we descended the Grand Stairway there was a man playing his guitar.  Fridays there are lunch time concerts.  Of course if there is music Sam will dance.IMG_5730And I couldn’t resist snapping one more photo.IMG_5732I was standing behind a two-way mirror with a mummy case behind me.  An x-ray of that mummy was adhered to the mirror and from my vantage point I could see Sam and Rose but they couldn’t see me.  Such a clever way to display art!

What do you do in the winter to avoid the cold but still get your kids out into the community?


  1. I hang out with an AMAZING family!! 🙂 Thanks for involving me, it’s always an honor!

    • We feel the same way:)

  2. It’s cold???? 🙂

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