Posted by: Susan | February 2, 2013

Super Bowl smack talk

April is on Facebook and she knows how to use it.  When it’s Super Bowl time you post some SMACK TALK and tell your friends that they are history if they cheer for San Francisco instead of the Baltimore Ravens.  Her grammar, punctuation and spelling could us a little polishing but it’s no secret how she feels about the game and Ray Lewis.

“shhhhhhhhh Ray Lewis He is Sleeping do not even dare awake him up more sleeps if you awake him up you going be toast he is going to hunt you down in your nightmares is only Ray Lewis Come out Alive !!!!

Here is some Tips for you if you are in dangerouse of the Hands of Ray Lewis do not make him upset you cannnot out run him only he will come in your nightmares if you do not think about it he do…es’nt like when people make fun at him do not like to mess with him becareful what you have to say about him he is coming out from his Sleeping be awaken this is war until your heart stop beaten if you say something about my team I was born and raise with the Ravens I am going to make your dream crash or unfriend you on facebook watched out !!”

If you are one of her 651 friends, I find this mind boggling, you’d better watch out or…………………………the girl is going to unfriend you!


I am off to practice my Ray Lewis victory dance………………………………….if I can stop laughing at her latest status on FB.


  1. Love it! Love her!

    • She is hilarious………………………..:)

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