Posted by: Susan | February 4, 2013

Watching the Super Bowl with April

I was not going to get sucked into all the Super Bowl hype.  Was not, was not!  I resisted the urge to buy a 55 inch flat screen TV or eat wings or drink beer or prepare all kinds of special food even though the bacon wrapped green bean bundles looked yummy.  I had a strategy and I was sticking to it.

1.  Get the Hunk and the boys out of the house.  Sam was rooting for the 49ers and this was not a good thing since April is a huge Ravens fan.  Four of our 6 kids were born in Baltimore and we lived there for 17 years.  Most of the Hunk’s family is still there.  The Hunk still hasn’t recovered from the Colts leaving Baltimore in 1983 so he is really not a Ravens fan.  Boy that guy has a hard time of letting go of things.  My 3 guys headed out to a Super Bowl party and step one was accomplished.

2.  Curl up on the sofa and read a good book while April watched the game.  Step 2 never happened.

When you pretend to watch a football game with April you have to know a couple of things.  The girl gets really involved in the game.  She sits close to the TV and comments or screams or claps or whoops on every play…...every play.  She makes it sound so fun that you get drawn into the game you really don’t want to watch and end up watching all but about an hour of the 4 hour game.  OK, I disappeared for an hour to watch Downton Abbey and missed the entire 3rd quarter and most of the electrical problems. I did watch the nail-biting 4th quarter and victory celebration.






I know folks, a lot of pictures but I just wanted you to see how this football fanatic operates.  When it was all over their were tears of joy.  I held her and she cried and then………watched the post game show.IMG_6131IMG_6132

Today I’m sure April will be posting and talking to her relatives, via Facebook, about the Ravens win.  I will be trying hard to resist the urge to buy a truck.  I really do love those Super Bowl commercials.


  1. love it! And so glad the ravens made the 49ers feel like we in Cincinnati have felt in our past two attempts in the Super bowl. Thank you Ravens for getting some revenge for us! Congrats, April!!!

  2. I am not a football fan—don’t even understand the game—but I wanted the Ravens to win for April’s joy!

    • Love it Vicky……….Apri’s joy/April Joy.

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