Posted by: Susan | February 8, 2013

“I’d like to thank my fans.”

Have you ever watched an award show or sporting event victory and heard, “I’d like to thank my fans.”?  After the Ravens won the Super Bowl they chanted Baltimore, Baltimore as a way to thank their fans.  Jake and Sam have fans too that attend their basketball games.IMG_5900IMG_5907When fans are there watching Sam and Jake play harder.


Sometimes you just have to take a break during the game to greet your fans.  After all they did come out in the bitter cold to watch you play.IMG_6090

And when your fans are there…..IMG_6102IMG_6105

and you win (undefeated so far)………IMG_6108you have to whip off your shirts and do a victory dance!  We are blessed to have teachers, the nurse from the high school, the youth minister from church with his family and friends from church attend the boys games.  Fans make a huge difference.  Knowing someone cares enough to come to the game makes Jake and Sam run faster, jump higher and dance harder.  Oh yes, we’d like to thank our fans.



  1. Cheers for Jake and Sam!

    • You are their # 1 fan from afar!

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