Posted by: Susan | February 10, 2013

Headed out to the dance and thoughts on love.

IMG_6135Included in a full social life for all our 3 are dances.  Friday night found April and Jake, with their friend/driver Ali, headed out to a Valentine Dance.  April met her boyfriend there and Jake danced the night away with various friends.IMG_6136I never go to the dances with them but they assure me that they have a great time.  This Saturday we have another dance scheduled.  Sam and his friend Brennan will be attending the winter formal.IMG_4490On Saturday Sam will be sporting a purple shirt and bow tie.  He really is Mr. GQ.

In between the 2 dances we have Valentine’s Day.  On Feb.3rd I was surprised by flowers that the Hunk had placed on the altar for me.  It was 11 days before Valentine’s Day, it wasn’t my birthday and it wasn’t our anniversary.IMG_6114Oh yes, I was shocked and pleased.   I do enjoy Valentine’s Day but love needs so much more than a once a year acknowledgement.

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