Posted by: Susan | February 12, 2013

The “easy” one

I love Saturday mornings because I don’t have to get anyone up at 5:45AM to get ready for school.  The house is quiet as I sip coffee and read.  Around 7:30AM I hear someone get up and I am praying that it is not Sam.  I listen and can tell by the way he walks that it will be Jake coming downstairs first.  The “easy” one is up and so I have a few more minutes before my day goes into overdrive.IMG_6142Jake comes downstairs dressed, carrying his laundry basket.  No reminders for this one about grooming or chores.  After starting the washing machine he checks his blood sugar with no prompting from me.  He then sits down to read until breakfast.  We start a conversation and discuss the week.  He talks about a girl who has been bugging him and asks, ” Mom, do girls have drama?”  I laugh to myself as I answer his question while thinking about Drama Queen his sister April still asleep upstairs.  Soon enough Sam, full of energy, will be up.  Soon enough I will have to insist that April gets up and doesn’t sleep the day away.  But for a few more minutes I get to enjoy the “easy” one.


  1. Your Jake and my Morgan…the easy ones. What blessings!

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