Posted by: Susan | February 13, 2013

River Dance……Sam’s way.

Anytime I get the gift of a sunny, warm day in February in Ohio I take a walk with Max and Sam.  Max needs the exercise and Sam needs to burn off excess energy.  Before the walk Sam ran down to the basement to grab something that I assumed would be a walking stick or Star Wars light saber.  Off he started with dog in tow.IMG_6220I was a little surprised to see the mask but knew he would be heading for the stage in the park and I would figure it out when I saw the performance.

IMG_6221Run Sam run.

IMG_6224IMG_6226IMG_6233Oh,now I get it.  He is dancing “Lord of the Dance”river danceLord of the DanceAnd he is dancing both parts!

IMG_6237IMG_6241I would have stayed longer at the park but Sam had 5 homework assignments and we had to hurry home.  One assignment took us to our neighbors and after he had explained his weekend to them and they had signed his Communication Book (for Speech) Sam checked out Nathan’s awesome collection of Legos.IMG_6247That Lego merry-go-round really works!  While Sam checked out the display Nathan’s mom gifted him a sports jacket that was too small for Nathan.IMG_6248Who knew I would watch an Irish dance performance and get free clothing for Sam on this beautiful warm afternoon in Ohio.

Check this out:  Our friend Teddy, from ballroom dance class, attended the State of the Union address last night.

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