Posted by: Susan | February 19, 2013

Learning to let go.


For the last several weeks we have been preparing and waiting for the Winter Dance.  Finally the outfit was ready, the tickets had been purchased and now all we had to do was make it through Saturday.  The dance didn’t start until 8:30PM but we managed to keep Sam busy until the arrival of his date.

IMG_6292Since both Bren and Sam have Celiac disease we decided not to do the pre-dance dinner.  It gets complicated looking for a convenient restaurant that has GF food.  Bren’s parents brought her here for pictures and then I drove them to the dance.IMG_6296Flowers are exchanged…IMG_6301IMG_6302Many pictures are taken…IMG_6309and course we need at least one glamour shot of Bren…IMG_6329and then they’re off!


I dropped them off in the lobby of the school hoping that Sam didn’t lose his money, the tickets or his student ID.  I am not allowed to go into the dance to watch and that’s a good thing.  The dance is just a small glimpse of the future.  I prepare my kids as best I can and then I have to let them go.


  1. How very sweet! Also, we loved watching “When Bill met Shelley.”

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