Posted by: Susan | February 20, 2013


It doesn’t matter if your team is from the NBA, SEC, your local high school or Special Olympics because when your team is undefeated it is a BIG deal.IMG_6265Here Sam is making a break away.IMG_6254And this is how Sam responds to making a basket.IMG_6257I love this picture of Jake peering out from under the basket to see if the ball goes in.IMG_6259IMG_6258At half time Sam and Jake greet our neighbor Nathan who came to watch the game.  They love having fans to cheer them on.IMG_6266There is more meet and greet after the game.IMG_6267Coach Hunk is giving instructions about the awards ceremony.  There has to be a ceremony after an undefeated season.  But first the team picture.IMG_6269The team is successful because of the awesome coaches, 6 dads and 2 volunteer coaches!  It has grown from a few players to over 20.IMG_6280Each player received a certificate acknowledging their individual contributions and then a medal.IMG_6281IMG_6282After the awards ceremony no on announced that they were “going to Disney World” but they did all go to Wendy’s for food and fun.IMG_6276Undefeated…………..Yeah baby!


  1. Congratulations team!!

    • Thank you Vicki!

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