Posted by: Susan | February 21, 2013

Chore time

I was amazed when I read this article in ParentingSquad, 43 Chores Young Children Can Do.  I think sometimes we are too easy on our kids with Down syndrome.  IMG_6287April, Jake and Sam do a lot of chores and I thought I had covered most of the bases.  Recently we completed another Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales test for Jake.  Part of it measures daily living skills and when I was asked if Jake could change a light bulb or change a vacuum bag I had to admit that I had never had him do those tasks.  It’s not because he can’t but because I never thought about teaching him.

IMG_6289Saturday is chore day around our house.  Jake vacuums and Sam scrubs the bathroom.  Everyone washes their own clothes.  When Princess Lea, that’s April, gets up she joins us for the chores.  But after going through that Vineland Test for Jake I realized there are more things to work on.  Here is a list of things teens need to learn to do: Over 50 Ideas of Chores for Teens.

This Saturday we will be practicing changing light bulbs and cleaning out the vacuum cleaner.  I need to work on my fear of letting them use knives,  the stove and the iron.  Does anyone else struggle with the fine balance of learning to let go so your children can learn to be more independent?  This helicopter mom is going to try to stop flying so close to her kids!

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