Posted by: Susan | February 26, 2013

Slow and steady wins the race…or does it?

On Saturday I took Jake and Sam to the high school pool for Special Olympics swim team practice.  I pulled out my trusty camera and happily clicked away as they swam.IMG_6349IMG_6361Sam and Jake each have their own swimming styles just like they have their own personalities.IMG_6355Sam attacks the water.  He thrashes from one end of the pool to the other.  Even when he uses a kick board he displaces lots of water.IMG_6365IMG_6351But Jake is my slow and steady swimmer.  He has great form and lots of endurance.  Back and forth he goes throwing in his flip turns for good measure.  You know the kinds of turns that you do under water.  The kind of turn he taught himself by watching someone else do them!tumble_turn_crawl

IMG_6360I find myself telling Jake what a good job he’s doing and what great form he has.  And then I hear  myself telling Sam to be more focused and work on his form.  But the thing is – they both win races!  Jake wins when he is competing in the longer races because that’s where slow and steady wins the race.  He doesn’t run out of steam because he doesn’t flail away and peak too early.IMG_6354Sam competes in races of a shorter distance.  Sam is my sprinter.  Here attacking the water and using all your muscle power and energy works.  He couldn’t keep it up lap after lap but he can keep it up for 1 lap and bring home a first place win.  Technique- lousy, but results, outstanding.

Each day we have to decide, is this a slow and steady day or an all in thrashing day?  Don’t we need both to accomplish our goals?  Short burst of energy, creativity, hard work  in conjunction with the old slow and steady wins the race theory gets things done.

I am going to zip my lips and let each of my guys practice the way that works best for them!

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