Posted by: Susan | February 27, 2013

High school goes high tech

Saturday we arrived early for swim practice.  The boys wanted to buy a soda and while they were going to find a soda machine I was looking around the Commons to discover what was happening at the high school.  The Commons is where the student body puts up posters about the latest games, dances and activities.  It’s the hub of high school life because that’s where the students have lunch.IMG_6342Here was a fund-raiser that took place during the school day.  That’s what I like to see, social action taking place.

IMG_6344Sam loved this congratulatory 4 panel banner because of the dragon drawn on the 2nd from the left panel.  It’s important to recognize people who do a great job.  I am liking this little tour so far.

IMG_6345And I loved this art project that incorporated the school’s values.  But hold on, what is this next giant thing on the wall???????

IMG_6347Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a giant jumbo tron?  Is jumbo tron even a word?  It was a huge digital, ever-changing, 3 or 4 part sign.  The messages changed constantly on the right side and the left side looked like something you would find on a video game.  It’s called a video board and it’s one way to get the students all the information they need from the school and I guess around the world…………amazing!  If you really want to know what’s happening inside the school that your children attend go read the walls.

Happening today for the Meyers’ guys:  Sam is on a ski trip with his Outdoor Recreation class.  April will be working on a sewing project and doing healthy cooking at Starfire.  Jake will find out about and work on a new project developed by speech interns at UC.  They have come up with something using and iPad, Justin Bieber music and articulation.  Life is good here in beautiful Cincinnati.

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