Posted by: Susan | February 28, 2013

Exercise to help your body and BRAIN

Why should my child with Down syndrome exercise?  Read on:


I am pretty sure this wasn’t written with people who have Down syndrome in mind but I bet the same benefits apply to them as well.  We spend a lot of time trying to teach our kids with old school flash cards or high-tech apps.  Let’s not forget about the benefit of good old-fashioned exercise and what it does for the body and the BRAIN!

2011_HCSO_Swim_Meet_@_Princeton-015Jake takes first place at swim meet.

DSC01281Sam demonstrates his strength by doing this off the floor push-up thing about 20 times.

  How do your kids get their exercise for the day?  Note to self:  Go to the gym more and take April with me.  


  1. NOTE TO SELF: Dump BF if she starts going to the gym and encouraging me to do the same! Actually, everything in this post is correct – how I wish good intentions equaled action. xoxo

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