Posted by: Susan | March 2, 2013

Saturday wanderings

After the Hunk leaves for work at 6AM on Saturdays I take a cup of coffee and the newspaper back to bed with me.  It’s the one day that I read the entire paper.  Imagine my surprise when I found this article in the paper about Jillian.  Jillian has been the manager for the NKU basketball team for several years and you will love how she has changed the way the players look at a person with Down syndrome.jillian

By 8:30AM Jake and Sam were up and fed and ready to play the Wii!  Oh no, not before the chores are done.  They did all these chore before 10Am, wash kitchen floor, vacuum family room, change sheets on both of their beds (Jake) and empty all the trash, wash the tub and toilet, recycle papers, fold and put away clothes and wash the sheets (Sam).  Sam then insisted that Max the Wonder dog needed a bath and carried him upstairs for me.  And if we do a bath I then do the dreaded dog-tooth brushing.IMG_6384The entire time we are bathing Max, Sam is talking in his Elvis voice.  Things like, “Tell Mommy you want a bath and Oh, so good” as I dry Max.IMG_6388Max knows that he is getting his teeth brushed.  Just look at those eyes begging me not to brush.IMG_6386

Sam holds Max while whispering sweet Elvis words in his ear.  I pull back dog gums and brush away with liver flavored tooth paste….yuck.  Then Elvis carries him back downstairs.IMG_6390  It’s only 10:15 and snow is falling outside so we are housebound this morning.  I relent and let them turn on technology.

Clean floors, clean sheets, clean dog teeth and clean dog.  So far it’s been a great Saturday morning!

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