Posted by: Susan | March 4, 2013

How to lose weight without really trying.

April is adamant.  She does not want to diet and if the girl doesn’t want to diet there is no way I can make her.  I can suggest strategies, cook healthy meals, pack healthy lunches and have only healthy snacks around but as the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”  On Ash Wednesday April decided to give up meat and sweets for Lent.  She decided this not me.  I grumbled for a week or so while I cooked meals for us and meatless meals for her.  When I come up blank for an alternative she makes herself a PBJ.  She also stopped eating sweets at Starfire and believe me there are a lot of opportunities there for her to eat them.  IMG_6382  On Monday the two of us went to Ikea to shop and have lunch.  I had the meatballs and she chose mushroom crepes and vegetable medallions.  On Friday I mentioned to her that she looked like she was losing weight.  She weighed herself Saturday and has lost 8 lbs without really trying!  I admire my daughter’s resolve to not break her Lenten goals.  After her first week of skipping meats I made a decision to stop  complaining about making non-meat meals for April.   Not complaining, now there is something to fast from for Lent. This week I had fun making fish tacos, buying cottage cheese cups and meatless burgers for my girl.  Together we work on our Lenten sacrifices as we head towards the joyful celebration of Easter.  I continue, as always, to learn from my April Joy.


  1. Which is why you will NEVER see a fat Catholic, right? LOL Good for April! I wish I had just a fraction of her self control.

  2. Wow, April! Way to go!!

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