Posted by: Susan | March 5, 2013


Yesterday Jake had his regular 3 month check-up at the diabetes clinic.  We see many different people and have waiting time in between.  An interesting thing happened when the RN came in to take the pre-exam information.   She began asking me all the questions.  I told her to ask Jake because he would know the answers to most of the questions.  I want Jake to handle his diabetes on his own as much as possible.  This very pleasant nurse started asking him the questions in a VERY LOUD VOICE.  Have you had this happen before?  It was like if she asked him in a loud voice then he will understand her.  Jake has had diabetes since he was 18 months old and this is so old hat to him.  He knows the answer to the same old questions.  It was because of his Down syndrome that the nurse assumed he didn’t.  I am sure after talking to Jake her assumption had to change a little.IMG_6395Jake spent his waiting time using his iPod.  I spent my waiting time thinking how proud I am of this guy who handles his diabetes care so well.

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