Posted by: Susan | March 6, 2013

If I ever get to Albuquerque…….

If I ever get to Albuquerque I want to go to Tim’s Place.SONY DSCTim owns a restaurant and has never let Down syndrome keep him from his dreams.  The restaurant advertises, “Breakfast, Lunch and Hugs.”

tims place 3Hugging, the very thing we are told by professionals our kids with DS shouldn’t do so much, is embraced.  I love the fact the hugs are counted and displayed on an ever-changing sign.  To see Tim’s routine and work at his restaurant click here.  AOL featured him last week on their homepage.  If you would like to visit the homepage for more pictures check out, Tim’s Place.

tims place 4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  What is a Tim Hug? Calorie Free, Guilt Free. Sweet, but not too sweet. Guaranteed to improve your lease on life! Ask your server (taken from their homepage).

Tim, you are an inspiration.  Now where do I get my hands on an Official Hug Counter?


  1. Wow! What a guy!! We all need a “Tim Hug” at times!

    • So true.

  2. Why hasn’t Tim’s Place been franchised? People are STARVED for human touch and friendliness – Tim’s Place feeds the stomach AND the spirit.

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