Posted by: Susan | March 11, 2013

Big brother’s Spring Break

Sam, April and Jake have 3 older siblings.  Big brother Derek in studying Industrial Design at Virginia Tech and is on Spring Break this week.IMG_3272 IMG_3212Last summer we visited the beautiful campus and got a tour, including the design studio, on a day that the thermometer registered 100 degrees!IMG_3215 IMG_3235 IMG_3253Fast forward 7 months and Derek and 3 classmates are headed to Chicago for Spring Break with a stop in Cincinnati.  No trips to Mexico or Florida for these 4.  They are headed to the windy city to interview for possible jobs when they graduate in May.  I wonder how Derek prepares his friends for a visit to our house?  “By the way guys my siblings all have Down syndrome.”  I have no idea what he says,  but within 10 minutes of their arrival they were all in the basement for a ballroom dance party.IMG_6412 IMG_6417 IMG_6420During dinner we had a very lively discussions and some sibling jabs going back and forth.  Fellow traveler Colby said after one barb, “Don’t worry, I’ve got 3 brothers at home and understand.”  Derek’s friend could see and hear that we were a pretty typical family.  After dinner there was a lively nerf gun battle in the basement followed by some old family movies and then the movie Wreck it Ralph.IMG_6430IMG_6432Around 9:30 PM, while everyone was laughing and bonding over the movie,  I went to upstairs.  The group had meshed and I was tired.  I have no idea what time anyone went to bed and that’s a good thing.


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