Posted by: Susan | March 12, 2013

Big brother Spring Break: Part II

After a full evening of bonding by big bro Derek and April, Jake and Sam it was time for everyone to do their own thing.  Saturday morning Jake and Sam volunteered at Matthew 25 Ministries, a Humanitaruim Aid Organization, while Derek and friends went to the…mall.  There is no large indoor mall in Blacksburg and so when he comes to visit he must….go….shop.IMG_6440 IMG_6439We arrived back home and took a few more photos before the Spring Break gang headed out for Chicago.

IMG_6435An interesting pose by Jacob.  I have no idea where he learns these things.  Oh that’s right, on the bus and at school.

IMG_6443IMG_6441There was time to squeeze in a quick game of street football before everyone went there separate ways.  April, Jake and Sam then headed out with their friend Drew to work out and go swimming.  Derek and friends loaded up and headed off for their next stop, The Party Source.  After all it is Spring Break.

Need to read more about the cognitive benefits of exercise for our kids with Down syndrome?  Check it out here.

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