Posted by: Susan | March 14, 2013

Much Better!

Sam is not a morning person so when he gets up each morning at 5:45am there is much grumbling.  He comes downstairs, puts on his sweatshirt, puts the hood up and sits at the table with his head down.  He does not want to eat or talk or interact.  Yesterday while I was at the backdoor waiting for Max the Wonder Dog to come back inside I heard a muffled word from under his hoodie.  Just one word, because Sam is a man of few words in the morning, “Hug”. Surprised, I went over and wrapped my arms around him as he sat in his chair.  He let out a big sigh and said, “Much better.”IMG_4451By the afternoon Sam is fully charged and ready to go.

Hugs do make things “Much Better.”  I am going to pass out a few hugs today starting with the Hunk!

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