Posted by: Susan | March 15, 2013

Pi/Pie Day

In honor of Pi day yesterday (3.14) our church had a pizza pie/pie auction to raise money for a Jackson Area Ministries.  First we ate pizza pie and then we bought pies via an auction.  IMG_6463 IMG_6452Why are the Hunk and April smiling and clapping?  Because they are amazed how much the pies are being sold for and they will soon be sampling the pie we won at the auction.IMG_6456 IMG_6458Jim wanted the blueberry pie but we dropped out of the bidding after it went over $20.

IMG_6455Jake and Sam don’t sit with us at church dinners but like all teens they sit with their friends.  That’s Nate next to Jake.  He goes to school with Sam and is great with my guys.

IMG_6467Nate outbid everyone to get this pie for, wait for it, $40!  He then cut it up and shared it with the people at his table and the man that he outbid.  See what I mean about this guy….so sweet.  Sam and Jake were very excited for Nate even though they can’t eat pie because of the wheat.  Both guys have celiac disease.

We bid on a strawberry pie and lost but finally won a raisin pie.  No one else bid against us and I can’t figure out if it was because April and I let out a very loud woup when it was announce or the fact that no one else liked raisin pie.  No matter, we cut and shared the pie all around and everyone that ate it loved it.

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”
David Mamet, Boston Marriage

OR     “Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight.”
Yogi Berra

Those quotes sum up how I feel about pies.  A stressless night eating large pieces of pies.  A perfect way to make over $700 for Jackson Area Ministries.

And now for the life lesson Even if you can’t eat the pies you can still enjoy the dinner.  That’s what it’s like for our kids with Down syndrome.  Even if they can’t do absolutely everything that everyone else can, they can still enjoy being included in the class at school, the activity, the dance, the team, the dinner….  Sam and Jake didn’t eat pies but they shared in the excitement of the auction just the same.  And isn’t that what life is about?  Sharing the excitement and everything else with our family, friends and the community as we go forward day by day.


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