Posted by: Susan | March 20, 2013


I wanted to do a meaningful blog about Spring and some how link it to Down syndrome and blah, blah, blah.  Clever girl that I am I thought I would use Google images so I typed in the word Spring.  Surprise, the top line of images contained a picture of the Hunk and Jake.SpringThis picture was taken at Hauck Gardens in downtown Cincinnati.  It was on Easter Day, 2009, and we had taken a picnic to enjoy at the park.  Obviously it was cool judging by the way the guys were dressed.  Today once again we celebrate Spring not by going to Hauck Gardens but by going to ballroom dance class tonight.IMG_0224A little trip to Pipkins Market will also put us in the mood for Spring.  Here in Cincinnati it is cold but sunny.  Sunny and the first day of Spring.  Winter is over and I know in just a few weeks it will warm up.  Here is a great place for an analogy about Down syndrome but I am just going to let it pass for now and enjoy the day.  What are you doing on this fine spring day?

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