Posted by: Susan | March 25, 2013

Spring Break? or Spring…give me a break.

Are you part of the country that has had a snowy weekend? We are and today is the first day of Spring Break for Sam and Jake.  Cincinnati has had some very dreary, cold snowy weather lately but we were able to find a bright spot.  We attended a performance of My Bi-Okoto.  Jake and Sam did not want to go to the performance and grumbled waiting for it to start.


As soon as the performance started we were transported to Africa where we learned about 3 different countries and cultures through song, dance, music and stories.  The performers are charming and included the audience in the experience.  IMG_6488

At one point audience members were invited to the stage for a dance off of men vs women. Jake and Sam were all over that.



My Bi-Okoto offers free drumming and dance lessons Saturday mornings.  You just might find Jake and Sam there after Spring Break or should I say after the snows have stopped here in beautiful Cincinnati.

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