Posted by: Susan | April 2, 2013

Road trip

We have been on a 12oo mile road trip and are home at last!  The Hunk and April left 3 day ahead of me to attend and present at a conference at Gettysburg College.  A great father/daughter bonding time.  I met them 3 days later in Maryland at his sister’s house.  After a quick overnight and breakfast we headed to DC for what was going to be an amazing tour of the National Archives and the Air and Space Museum.  We hit traffic on the way down and arrived in DC at noon.washing dc 3 washington dc 2 IMG_6537Spring Break is a very popular time in DC.  We looked for a parking place for over 30 minutes and were unable to find one.  Notice the flags around the Washington Monument.  It was cold and very windy.  Time for a change of plans.  First lunch in a warm restaurant and then onward to see baby Ava and big brother Dan and Lindsey.IMG_6563 IMG_6545And here’s the thing.  No one complained because they didn’t get to see DC.  For April, Jake and Sam seeing their brother and his family trumps DC every time.  We took everyone to dinner later that night and the next morning went back to spend some more quality time with big brother.

IMG_6555 IMG_6569 IMG_6575The weather was gorgeous and the boys got to try out Dan’s restored motorcycle.  He turned it on for them and they were able to use the throttle to rev it up.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm, monuments or motorcycle?  Jake and Sam were in heaven.  And me, I got to play with Ava and drink coffee and visit with my darling Lindsey.

IMG_6578Dan and Linds had plans later in the morning so off we headed knowing that we would see them on Easter for our big family party.  We were going to tour Washington DC and we had a plan!  Tune in tomorrow to see if we made it this time.


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