Posted by: Susan | April 4, 2013


April is on Spring Break and here is how we spent our day….dentist (me), car dealership (free danish and car wash) and Wal-Mart!  I know you are jealous of my incredible, adventurous lifestyle.  While driving home, April was talking about her birthday (a very BIG DEAL for her), I had to stop at a red light.   For a moment I looked down at the console in the car and was startled when April said in a rather loud, sharp voice, “Green light!”IMG_6680As the car lurched forward we both started to laugh out loud.  My almost 25-year-old daughter has become a wonderful back seat driver.  I have no idea where she learned to scream out  point out that the light has changed.  Here I am inserting a public apology to the Hunk for all the helpful driving hints I have given him through the years.IMG_6679I kept my eyes on the stop lights all the way home.  The conversation resumed and it was back to the BIG DEAL 25th birthday coming up.  So far we have a birthday breakfast, birthday family dinner, birthday dinner at Red Robin and birthday treats planned for next week.

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