Posted by: Susan | April 8, 2013

16! Sam’s birth story

Our guy Sam is 16 today…amazing.  Sometimes I come across ‘birth stories’ on the blogs that I follow but with Sam I know little about his birth story.  I do know that his mother was a teenager who didn’t tell her mother that she was pregnant until she went into labor.  How she hid her pregnancy I will never know.  I do know that I admire her greatly for not taking the easy way out but keeping our precious Sam.  I really believe God’s hand was on her and our adoption from the beginning.  When Sam was born we were preparing to move from Maryland to Florida.  We had 5 children with no thought of adopting another child.  We moved to Florida the end of May and got a call from the adoption agency the middle of June.  New home, new town and now a new baby?  How could that happen?  The agency that handled Sam’s adoption in Pennsylvania is a branch of the same agency that handled Jake’s adoption in Maryland.  The 2 agencies talked and somehow our name came up.

April 8th was his birth date and now fast forward to June when we got the call about adopting him.  I thought the agency was calling for more information about Down syndrome because I had helped them in the past get current information to new families.  We were floored to even think we would be considered perspective parents.  The Hunk was 55 and I was 49!  I wanted to say yes immediately but this was a joint decision and I needed to wait for Jim’s go-ahead.  I fasted and he prayed.  I would agree with whatever decision he made.  Then there was an unexpected roadblock to overcome.  We went from the only family being considered to one of three families wanting to have Sam as part of their family.  No way would they pick us because we were “too old”!  You know the rest of the story because here we are 16 years later celebrating our wonderful Sam.  I am so glad that his mother and grandmother had a choice of where they would place their precious son/grandson.  I know that they loved him because when he came home to us in August he came with a blanket and toys that they had sent with him.

IMG_6702Happy Birthday Sam and a big thank you to his courageous birth mother.


  1. Wonderful wonderful story!! Would love to see some baby pictures of Sam.

    • Thanks Vikcy

  2. “…Somehow our name came up”. Probably didn’t just come up. Predetermined by a higher Power. I suspect. He always makes the right choices. Surely did in this case. Bless you, and The “Hunk”. And Happy Birthday to Sam, the man!

  3. Happy Birthday Sam!

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