Posted by: Susan | April 9, 2013

25! April’s birth story…sort of

The delivery room went absolutely quiet as April was delivered by cesarean section 25 years ago.  I wanted to see the new baby and Jim held her so close to my face that she was out of focus.  I did notice that she was thrusting her tongue.  They whisked her away because she had swallowed some liquid they needed to, for lack of the medical term, suck it out of her lungs.  When I was finally wheeled into the recovery room I wondered where my baby was.  I had to insist that they bring her to me.  She was beautiful, my darling girl with blond fuzz hair.  I could tell by the look on everyone’s face that something was wrong.  Finally Jim came in and he, not the doctor, told me that they thought she had Down syndrome but it had to be confirmed by a blood test.  Time…stood…still.  I can remember every look, every comment, every smell and every reaction to her birth that day.  Some of the comments were positive and some weren’t.  The best reaction to her birth was when Jenny, Derek and Dan (her older siblings) came to visit.  They thought she was absolutely perfect and she was.  And you know what?  That is all ancient history because the birth of April was a wonderful starting point of an adventure that involved our whole family.

So many wonderful things came out of the birth of our darling April.  That’s why I write my blog, but today is about her 25th birthday!  She came down today and I wished her a Happy Birthday telling her that it was her day.  She replied, “Today is all about me!”.  So right you are April.  She also informed me that after breakfast she needed to check her Facebook page for birthday greetings.  So how have we celebrated so far today?april birthday 2013I stuck candles in her egg sandwich of course.  She is also taking in 30 plus treats to share with her friends at Starfire.  Notice the pin?  She can turn it on, she will, and it flashes.

IMG_6721The doorbell rang at 8:20am for a flower delivery from our good friend Beverly.

IMG_6684 IMG_6709We mustn’t forget the triple birthday party we had on Saturday with grandson Jack and Sam joining the celebration.

photo(31)Sunday a birthday lunch was in order and April and Sam chose Red Robin (jingle now playing in my head all day).  I admit that I am getting partied out.  We will celebrate and give her gifts tonight.  I am off to buy those gifts today because I enjoy shopping the under pressure of a deadline.

And for the conclusion of this birth story you might be wondering how April got her name.  Big sister Jenny got to name April.  She chose April because of the month she was born and it is a beautiful name.  Her middle name is Joy.  The Hunk and I chose that when we were filling out her birth certificate several hours after delivery and still shell-shocked.  Right then we decided that April would be our joy.  We would embrace her and love her and do everything we could to help her along the path of this exciting life.  But here’s the thing, she is our joy but she has brought so much ‘Joy’ to others.  Her life has shown others how to live fully with love, acceptance and joy.  That extra chromosome she has had done nothing to slow her down!

Happy Birthday April Joy.


  1. Happy Birthday to wonderful, sweet, kind April! What a JOY it was to know her in her early days. She is indeed a treasure!!

  2. And when we took April home from the hospital, we picked up her sister and brothers from elementaryschool in a white limo…and drove throught the fast-food drive-in and had food and drinks passed in through the moonroof…how we laughed…and celebrated our special little package…God let us know- His ways aren’t our ways…April’s Dad…

  3. April Joy certainly brought lots of JOY to the children’s choir (and to me) all those years ago. I well remember that April was the first child in the choir to memorize the scripture verse each and every week, and she was never shy about coming up front to the microphone and reciting it to everyone 🙂 Love that girl!!

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful April Joy!
    I will always remember you and your family taking your walk after dinner, sometimes on your bike. I know you love Ohio and being with your family but always remember your time in Florida with your big pool, yard and home!
    A big birthday HUG Carol O

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