Posted by: Susan | April 11, 2013

Sam has a cell phone

One of Sam’s birthday presents was a cell phone.  Since it is his first phone I spent $9.98 on a Tracfone that came with a car charger, carrying case and earphones!  I loaded 140 minutes into the phone and it was ready to go, and go and morning he took it to school the Hunk said, “You’re not going to let him take it to school are you?”  Of course I am.  How else will he be able to use this very important safety tool.  I put only 4 numbers in his contact list.  I showed him a few of the buttons and off he went at 6:41am on the bus.  At 6:45am the phone rang and it was………..Sam.  After a quick chat I told him to hang up and then realized I hadn’t shown him how to use the end button.  He figured that out and at 6:59am he called big sister Jen.  He also called his Dad and April.  Around 8am he called me again to ask what time school was over.  “When your phone says 2:20”, I replied.  Jim and I continued to get calls throughout the day and I found out last night that he called his big sister Jen 10 times in 2 days.  She had not recognized the phone number and finally realized that Sam must have gotten a phone for his birthday.

He now has 70 minutes on his phone.  Two days and he used 70 minutes on one and two-minute calls and I don’t care.  From past experience with April and Jake I know how this phone thing works.  Lots of calls at odd times and then they get less and less.  If he loses the phone it will cost less than a meal at Red Robin (jingle now stuck in my head again) to replace it.  When he becomes more responsible we will upgrade his phone and use it as a tool to make him more independent.  Another thing a phone does is make him more like his peers.  You know the high school kids that walk through the halls with a phone glued to their ear even though the policy is no phones during school hours.  I know this because I was just at the high school.

It is now 7:12am and I haven’t received a call yet so that’s progress.  I am sure he will call later with an important question like, “What’s for dinner”?  Oh yes, Sam has a phone and he knows how to use it.


  1. I used a Tracfone for several years. Depending on usage, you can buy a double minutes card (maybe triple) which gives you 2-3 times minutes for life of phone.

    • It actually came with double minutes………….great to see you and Rita last night.

  2. I “figured it out” when he left me 2 messages!

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