Posted by: Susan | April 15, 2013

Minute Moments

Sometimes we spend so much time preparing and planning for the big moments (the Prom) that we miss the minute moments if we are not very careful.  After dinner Sam decided to entertain us.  I thought it would be one more version of Gangnam Style but I was wrong.

photo(53)Sam decided to perform the musical number Oklahoma complete with cowboy hat and sound track from the Broadway play.  Clever, that guy of mine.

photo(52)After snapping several photos I just sat back and enjoyed the show giving my attention FULLY to Sam.  After the ‘show’ Jake asked the Hunk to go outside and practice throwing the softball with him.  I went out to watch and again just enjoyed watching father and son work together.  Life gets so busy that we miss many of these moments.  I could have said no way guys I am much too busy with things like cleaning up after dinner.  I am so glad I didn’t.  Life slips by too quickly.  I want to remember both the big deal events (insert Prom again) and all the wonderful moments of day-to-day living!

With that in mind, the flowers are ordered, shirts at the cleaners, shoes shined and preparations are near completion for this Saturday when he will attend the prom.  This is not what he will wear but a sneak peek at how cute he and Brennan will look.IMG_6302Don’t get so busy with the big stuff that you miss the minute moments.


  1. Sweet picture!

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