Posted by: Susan | April 19, 2013

The Motto

I always get inspired when I attend the Special Olympics swim meet.  First there is the parade of athletes that includes a torch-bearer and the US flag.  Then there are opening remarks, the singing of the Star Spangled Banner and finally the motto is read.IMG_6730

Let me win,

But if I cannot win,

Let me be brave in the attempt.

We cheer for all the athletes, no matter what their ability, and applaud all effort.  But if you ask Sam and Jake and their friends on the swim team what they want they will tell you they are swimming for the gold.  Our guys are just as competitive as everyone else when it comes to competing.

IMG_6733 IMG_6738 IMG_6739They want to be standing on the top step and have a gold medal put around their neck.  Jake brought home 3 gold medals this year.  He continues to amaze me.

The swim meets are long….4 hours.  Both of my guys swam in the last events, # 76 and #78 the relays.  So what do they do behind the scenes while they wait.  Socialize of course and by socialize I mean a lot of athletes hang with their boyfriend or girlfriend.  For example:

IMG_6731 photo(55)When Sam wasn’t “socializing” he was swimming for the gold.  He won gold in the 50M freestyle and was in the lead for the gold medal in the 50M backstroke when suddenly he stopped swimming and sank under the water.  He bobbed up to the surface and repeated this 3 more times.  The coach and life guard realized he was in trouble and a rescue was performed.  Sam had the honor of being the first person needing  to be rescued at sea pool in the history of the meet, I think:).  I found out later that he had a leg cramp.  A father of an athlete was kind enough to massage out the cramp and Sam was ready to compete in time for the relay.  Another gold medal was claimed for the Meyers’ boys.


Winning and bravery was certainly on display at this Special Olympics swim meet.  I know because my boys showed me both.


  1. What a beautiful collection of photos… I love that motto.

    I hope you’ll take a “moment” to come by my little corner of the world… I find my youngest this way quite often these days…

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