Posted by: Susan | April 22, 2013

Sixth Child Syndrome and the Prom

Sam has Sixth Child Syndrome which I will now call 6CS.  I am sure you must know what it is but if not I will give you an example.  With your first child everything must be done absolutely perfectly.  Hands must be washed before touching the baby.  Bottles must be sterilized before feeding the baby and a clean pacifier given to the baby every time it falls on the floor.  With 6CS a quick wash of the hands several times a day and a rinse of the bottle will suffice.  If the pacifier falls on the floor you call the dog who gives it a lick, picks it up in his teeth, brings it to you and then you promptly give it back to the baby.  When it comes to birthday parties they are combined with older siblings parties or thrown in on major holidays such as Talk Like a Pirate Day.  As far as clothes go they are not hand me downs but hand me down downs.

Cue the Prom.  The Prom is a BIG DEAL in most homes.  There is much anticipation and preparation unless you have 6CS.  It is not that we weren’t excited it’s just that we have done a lot of these.  If you have a child with special needs it becomes even more of a big deal unless you have 3 kids with special needs and again…..done that.  Thirty minutes before Sam was to walk out the door he started getting ready.  Everything he wore was a hand me down except his slacks.  The only thing that would be tricky was tying his bow tie but since Jim was in the Secret Service I figured he had the expertise after attending many black tie affairs at the White House.  I was wrong!  That was many years ago and he was a little rusty.  By the time Sam was ready to walk out the door we were 15 minutes late and I hate being late.  Trust me, I wasn’t thinking how wonderful it was that Sam was decked out for the Prom.  I was thinking……I’m  late getting him to his date’s house.IMG_6770IMG_6765We were greeted by Brennan’s parents and grandparents when we got there.  They were over the moon excited about the night.  Many comments were made about how cute Sam was and how adorable he and Bren looked together.  The grandmother kept telling me she was about to cry.  Right then I did a reality check on myself.  Sam has no living grandparents. No one was taking pictures at our house as he got ready. No one was giving this special day its due. The Prom is a BIG DEAL even for the 6th childIMG_6776Just as I was preparing to leave Bren’s mom Theresa said, “I watched Bren’s older sisters go to the Prom and thought it wouldn’t happen for Bren.  Not only is she going but Bren asked Sam!”(they go to different high schools)  What was that?  Did I feel tears forming in my eyes?IMG_6781My guy Sam went to the Prom with beautiful Brennan and when they left I wished I could somehow watch it all…the dinner, the dance and the After Prom.  He arrived home at 3am proudly wearing his new After Prom t-shirt.  He had a great time.

Thanks to Bren’s family I kicked the Sixth Child Syndrome right out the window and got excited all over again because, “My guy went to the Prom!”


  1. Wow! Wonderful blog entry!! Beautiful photos!! So happy for Sam, Brennan, and YOU!

  2. Put “Went to Prom” on the list of things my awesome little brother has done that his oldest brother hasn’t. And out until 3AM? What a party animal!

    • I remember you all dressed up and going to a dance. You probably had a curfew of 12:)

    • Ditto for me. Never went to prom and was NEVER allowed to stay out until 3 AM. Trickle down effect. Let me remind you of my 11 pm curfew – in COLLEGE.

      • He was at a suprivised After Prom

      • Mmm, Hmm… Trickle. Down.

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