Posted by: Susan | April 23, 2013

We met over the Internet….

Don’t judge me because I met someone over the Internet and then agreed to have lunch with them when they came into town.  I couldn’t help myself because we have so much in common and share so many interests.  I find this person fascinating.  The Hunk didn’t even know about the date that I had arranged in a cozy restaurant at Fountain Square.  The person that I was meeting is named Gary but before you think this is a true confession story I need to tell you her real name…Margaret.  Gary and I share the common interest of our daughters and photo(66)Gary’s blog is called The Ordinary Life of an Extraordinary Girl and I have been reading it for several years.  When I learned that they were coming to Cincinnati to check out the University of Cincinnati’s Transition and Access Program I knew we must meet.  Emails and phone calls went back and forth and we arranged a lunch date at Via Vite at high

What a fun time getting to know Gary and Alex.  I felt like I was meeting a rock star after seeing Alex’s picture so much on the blog and then sitting across from her at lunch.  We are  all now Facebook friends and I learned just this morning that she will be attending TAP at UC.  We will be seeing a lot more of Alex and I can’t wait.

I love meeting people over the Internet:)


TAP:  The program offers a 4-year, non-degree option for students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities who want to actively engage in the full college experience, including participation in regular college classes, engaging in professional internships, and enjoying an active social life with friends.   If you would like your child to attend here is the link,  TAP.



  1. I’ve read about internet hook ups but never realized that YOU were one of ‘those’ women! Sounds like a fun time and the pictures are darling! xoxo

  2. So disappointed we did not get to join you. So excited Alex is coming to Ohio.

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