Posted by: Susan | April 24, 2013

Man Down

“Mom”, came the voice from the hallway at 0’dark thirty.  This can’t be good.  Sam never wakes up at night.  A warm heating pad on his tummy might do the trick I thought.  After I got him settled he said, “I can’t go back to sleep.”  I replied, “I can.”  You know the scenario for the rest of the night.  I was up and down like a window shade.  His last get up was 4:45am so I just decided to stay up.  Sam wandered down around 5:45am unable to sleep but I had just the thing to make him feel better…..ELVIS!girls,girls,girlsSam loves ELVIS and had received the ELVIS! LIGHTS! CAMERA! ELVIS! COLLECTION (everything ELVIS is always written in CAPS) for his birthday along with an ELVIS wig, ELVIS sunglasses and ELVIS microphone.  By 8:00am we had finished movie number 1 and we have only 7 left for our ELVIS marathon.  I will be drinking a lot of COFFEE to make it through today.  I will also start spelling my name SUSAN so people will acknowledge how important I am in this family.  Hey, it worked for ELVIS.

Sam asked me from the couch when he would be better and in a pathetic little voice said, “Tonight?”  I hope so Sam.  It’s hard to keep a good man down.ELVIS

“Uh, thank you…thank you very much.”

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