Posted by: Susan | April 25, 2013

A Poem….by April

April took a class called Poems Galore and then wrote the following poem.

Rain, it’s making me feel happy

Looking at the rain coming down

It’s making me feel good inside of me

Pour down like water drops

Thinking about the rain feeling so wet and clear

To feel the drops on my head

I love to hear the rain coming down hard

We need water…Living things can grow

Wind and rain flowing around me

Growing up just like a flower

Coming out from the ground

Calling to a face that is glowing like a the sun

april tea timeMy poet also went out for a cup of tea at a new place in Cincinnati called Beans & Grapes.  That must make her a traveling poet.


I wish that when April was born I could have told all the naysayers not to worry because one day this baby would write poetry!




  1. April Joy is extra special!!

    • I feel the same way about her. She continues to amaze me and is always coming up with a new skill.

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