Posted by: Susan | April 29, 2013

April’s got a job!

April has been looking for a job with the help of a job specialist for about a month.  She starts at Mio’s Neighborhood Pizzeria in Blue Ash today!  We first ate at the recently opened Mio’s on St. Patrick’s Day.  We loved the family run business and the fact that we can order gluten-free food for Jake and Sam.IMG_6511We were hooked on the service, food and location.  About a week ago while asking about one of Jake’s friends that worked there we found out that he had quit the night before.  I immediately asked about his job and April volunteered that she needed a job and the owner told her to apply.  The next day the job specialist took her there to fill out the application and last week we found out that she got the job!  Happy dance……IMG_6507This is not what she will be wearing to work.  I just liked the picture.  Her uniform is jeans and a Mio’s t-shirt like the one on the server below.IMG_6509This job has it all.  We know the owners and she can walk to work.  She will work 2 lunch shifts from 11-2 and then add hours as her schedule and their needs permit.

For those of you who live in the Cincinnati area be sure to go to Mio’s in Blue Ash and tell them you are there because of the great food and April!  She will be there on Monday and Saturday working away.


  1. Congratulations April! What will she be doing there? Beth just got a job last week at Little Caesars pizza! Right now they’re training her to fold boxes and wash dishes. Unfortunately it’s an hour away and it’s not a restaurant (only take out) so there’s no tables or floors to clean. But Beth’s excited to be working! It’s been 3 years since her last job.

    • April preps salads, washes dishes, rolls napkins with silverware inside and got to help carry out some food to diners today. First day went well.

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