Posted by: Susan | May 1, 2013

Happy May Day

Happy May Day!  Here in Cincinnati we are having perfect Spring weather at last.  Sam is headed to an all day canoeing trip with his Outdoor Recreation class.  I was hoping that we could again give gifts of our lilies of the valley flowers to our neighbors just like we did last year.  The tradition comes from France and I love it.  Alas, the flowers aren’t blooming yet.  Here is what we did last year.

May Day Bouquets and an “Adventure”  from May 2012


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Yesterday I wrote about the lovely custom of delivering flowers to neighbors and friends on May 1st.  It was a little more involved than skipping out to cut the flowers and delivering via Jake and Sam.  I cut and wrapped the bouquets with a rubber band instead of twine or ribbon.  I then made paper cones out of beautiful scrap booking paper with gorgeous designs I save for such occasions paper bags from Trader Joe’s.  While this was going on I was roasting a pork tenderloin for a picnic dinner I was making for date night with the Hunk.  Cut paper, make cones, wrap flowers in plastic with water, take out roast to cool, stuff flowers in cones, make salad for picnic, get things ready for kids dinner and then breathe.  I was stuffing the last cone when the bus arrived carrying one very wound up Sam and my ever calm Jacob.  No time for a clever gift tag or note.This picture looks awkward.  Jake didn’t want to be in the same picture with his brother.  Notice my beautifully constructed cones with door hangers.

No, I didn’t go with Jake and Sam to deliver the flowers but sent our fabulous helper Drew instead.  I went inside to put the finishing touches on the picnic.

The Hunk was late arriving home from work but I figured the “adventure” would still work.  I was taking him to the Cincinnati Art Museum to see the Monet exhibit before it leaves in 2 weeks.  I drove since I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.  By now it’s 4p.m. but no worries because it is only 20 minutes to the museum if there is no traffic.  We were inside by 4:30 and had an entire 30 minutes to view the Monet paintings and the new exhibit, Impressions of Venice.  The museum wasn’t crowded at all 30 minutes before closing except for cleaning carts and guards reminding us that it would be closing soon.

This guy with a long nose, the one on the left, is now part of the permanent collection.  I can’t wait to take the kids to show them P…………(sorry I don’t know how to spell his name and again I am trying to get out of here).

At last we can relax and have our picnic in this beautiful spot.  But wait, is that thunder that I hear and very large storm clouds rolling in?  We quickly gathered up our dinner and finished it in the car.  Our trip to walk around Mt. Adams will have to wait for another day.  I started driving home on surface streets because it is now rush hour.  The rain started, we had flash floods, and was coming down so hard that I couldn’t see.  I pulled into a parking lot and suggested that the Hunk and I switch places since he sees much better driving in a blinding rain storm than I do.  We could not get out of the car because of the deluge so I came up with the wonderful plan of putting down the seat back, crawling into the back seat while my 6’3” husband climbed over the console and I contorted my body into a pretzel to get back into the passenger seat.  Jim pulled a muscle.  You had to be there.  It seemed like the rain was letting up so we continued onward only to be met with an impassable flooded street.  We found an alternate route, dumb luck, and finally made it home after driving for an hour!

I am laughing over the memories from last year over changing seats in the pouring rain.  No rain in the forecast today just a beautiful May Day.  And as a side note, the neighbors still talk about the cone of flowers hung anonymously on their door.

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