Posted by: Susan | May 7, 2013

Stimulating conversations at my house

Picture Saturday morning, my one day to sleep late, and I am having breakfast at 7:15am with Jake and Sam.  “Why are they up so early?” I think to myself.  The caffeine has not kicked in from my coffee and I am trying to hold a conversation with Sam.

Sam:  Mom, The Phantom of the Opera is half monster/half human.

Me:  No Sam, he is all man with a mask over half his face.

Sam:  No Mom, he is half monster/half human.  I saw hair growing out of one side of his head.

Me:  Sam the reason he wears a mask on only half of his face is because he was burned in a fire but he is all human.

Sam:  No Mom, he is half monster/ half…….


Thank you Jake for settling that pressing question and letting me get back to my coffee.IMG_0454 IMG_0480For you faithful readers wondering how Sam did on his Science test….he got 100%/A+.  Way to go Phantom.


  1. Thanks for the laugh!!

    • Glad it made you laugh.

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